Shot on Film – Summer 2022

Personal Work

The summer started off with a trip to Mexico to celebrate my 40th birthday. My husband and I had a great four days (kid free!) living it up. I was torn because I didn’t want the hassle of bringing all my gear to Mexico for this particular trip, but I still wanted to shoot some film here. I decided to buy an old school Kodak disposable camera and give it a try. It was easy to carry around in my backpack and not weigh me down while we were exploring. Overall, I was pleased with the results. I think the lens had a smudge on it that I didn’t notice and I realized images shot at too close of a range didn’t really work with this camera. However, it was fun playing around and snapping shots without thinking too much about my settings. Just curious…how many palm trees is too many palm tree pictures?

Compared to the winter and spring, I documented less of my everyday life this summer. I was finally able restock my supply of Porta 400, but have been trying to save those rolls for this fall. I did sneak in a few rolls of Kodak Gold though, including two shots of the prettiest sunset I took while my husband was driving on our way back from East Texas. My son also had his first homework assignment, so you know I had to document that! Plus, we had a nice evening a couple of weekends ago fishing at my in-laws house in Granbury, TX.

If you are interested in seeing more of personal work on film, check out my Shot on Film series.

Mexico photos shot on Kodak Fun Saver disposable camera. Other images shot on a Canon EOS Rebel GII 35mm Camera with Kodak Gold Film.

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