Motherhood Photo Session in Fort Worth, TX


Do you know what most moms say when they reach out to me about a motherhood session? It’s always something along the lines of “I want some ‘proof of mom pictures’ because I know they won’t have any with me if I don’t.” Say no more! I planned a morning of motherhood sessions at The Lumen Room in Fort Worth.

The first mom drove over from Dallas and one of her little guys was having a really hard time during the session. You can’t tell though, can you?! She smiled all along the way and we made it work! It goes to show, if parents keep their cool when the unexpected happens, we can make it work! Also, I’ll always hold a special place for this family because they were my first session I shot entirely on film.

The second mom and daughter trio is one of my favorites! This family holds the record for the most sessions with me and it’s been exciting journey capturing them the past five years! Bella, the oldest, has the most radiant energy. Whenever someone tells me their kid is energetic, I always think, Bella probably has them beat. 🙂 Her little sister is coming into her own quit well though!

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