Shot on Film – Twin Newborn Session


Shot on a Canon EOS 3 and Canon Rebel GII 35mm Camera with Porta 400 Film

I shot my first client session entirely on film and the results have me even more in love with film photography. ⁣

Film is scary because there are several unknowns. There is no “back of the camera” to check while shooting. I can’t rely heavily on editing to fix my mistakes. I send the rolls to a lab (hey, @thefindlab!) to develop it and they see the results before I do. The cameras, technical aspects and techniques I relied on while shooting are different.⁣

However, film has been so freeing. It’s forced me to slow down and consider what I’m shooting before clicking away. It’s helped me embrace imperfections and appreciate the moment. I love 99% of my film images (even when things are wrong with them) because of the uncertainty. ⁣

I’ve been in a season where I feel like I can’t keep up, yet I’m trying to embrace the discomfort and hold space for what’s to come. Because of this, I have craved more meaningful avenues in my life. Shooting film suits this creatively for me. I still appreciate my digital camera and all its capabilities, but am enjoying the intrigue film photography has on me.⁣

So…who’s next for a film session?! See more of my adventures on film here.

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