Shot on Film – Winter 2022

Personal Work

Winter can be a drag for me. I thrive off being in nature and lots of sunshine. I brought my film camera along on our adventures to challenge myself see some of the same everyday things differently. We had several pretty days at the beginning of the year, so we spent one afternoon at the Duck Pond in Fort Worth. I also brought my camera along on walks, bike rides and just out in my backyard. In February, DFW got lot of snow, so I also got to experiment with film and snow for the first time.

Around my daughter’s 4th birthday, she finally got her crib rail removed and we turned it into a “big girl bed.” She never tried to crawl out and was content as it was up to this point, so we didn’t rock the boat. She’s pretty proud of her new set up though! (Ssshhh…don’t tell her it’s really just different by one tiny little rail.)

If you are interested in seeing more of personal work on film, check out my Shot on Film series.

Shot on a Canon EOS Rebel GII 35mm Camera with Porta 400.

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