Family Photography Session in Fort Worth


This family hadn’t had a family photography session since their youngest was a newborn. I was excited to change that! We had dreams of sunset at a local park for this family photography session, but…2020. Outdoor, family photography sessions are always a gamble with the weather. Plus, I have a track record for rescheduling sessions when it may storm, only for the weather to clear off shortly after.

I kept checking my weather app. The chance of rain wasn’t high, so I didn’t think about rescheduling. Lauren had her hair and makeup done earlier that afternoon as well. I don’t love shooting with overcast skies, but I will. Rain though, no thanks. It’s hard enough getting the family ready and everyone looking good, only to drag them out in the rain.

Sure enough though, even though rain was forecast, it was raining out. A quick text with the mom and we agreed on changing the location to the Kimbell Art Museum. The museum has outside, covered areas. I also decided to made a quick stop at Target to purchase those cute, clear umbrellas. I’m glad I did!

We had a few obstacles with the rain and space constraints. The Kimbell Art Museum is a popular location for family photography session on an average day. Since the museums has covered areas, I think a lot of photographers relocated their sessions there as well. It was busy.

The good news is we were able to make the family photography session work! The umbrellas came in handy. It was slick out, but no one fell and got wet or dirty. This family stayed positive and flexible the entire time! I want to give a big shoutout to the Cockerells for embracing it all!

Lauren worked on my brand messaging earlier this year and it’s been great working with her and getting to show her my brand in action! Thanks for letting me capture your family photography session in Fort Worth!

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