Holiday Gift Ideas for Preschoolers


As we head into the homestretch of the holidays, I thought I’d share a few holiday gift ideas for preschoolers. Bonus point are awarded with these items, because not only do my kids love them, they are things that I either enjoy doing with them or allow me a little time to do something for myself!

Open Play Activities

  • PlayDoh Super Stretch Slime – This slime does NOT stick to little hands, countertops and clothes. The slime is a thicker consistency, super stretchy and my kids love it. I’ve had many thirty minutes spells while they play with it.
  • Legos or Duplo Blocks – My kids, especially my son, loves Legos! The amount of time to myself I get while my daughter naps and son builds should be sponsored by Legos! By now, I’m impressed at the sets my son is capable of putting together on his own, but his free builds are what amaze me the most!
  • Magna-Tiles – We’ve had these for a few years, but the kids always reinvent new ways to use them. They provided endless imaginative play.
  • Kinetic Sand – This is another item that buys me little chunks of time to myself while the kids play with it. The love rolling it out with rolling pins and cutting it with butter knives.

Funny Books as Holiday Gifts Idea

  • Highlights Magazine for Children – My mom gets the kids a subscription each year for Christmas and we look forward to sitting down and reading it when it arrives. The magazine includes crafts, stories, rhymes, and lots of other great activity ideas.

Fun Learning

  • Zingo! – We recently got this game and have enjoyed playing with Connor. It provides good picture/word recognition and also helps him practice losing. You didn’t think I’d be that mom who lets my kids win all the time, did you?! 😉
  • Write and Wipe Early Learners Books – These are great for practicing holding a pencil, tracing, plus letter and number recognition. My son has struggled with fine motor skills and these have helped him along the way.

Fun Mom!

  • Bath Bombs – I’m the fun mom when I pull out a bath bomb to throw in the tub at bath time!

Happy Holidays! I hope this gave you few more holiday gift ideas for preschoolers!

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