Tips for Dressing for Family Photos You will Love

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So you’re wondering what to wear for family photos. Planning outfits can be challenging, but how you dress for family photos can really elevate the look and how you feel about your images. It’s an important part of planning ahead for your session. Let’s break it down.

Examples of What to Wear for Family Photos

1. Photographer’s Style

When asking yourself, “what to wear for family photos” first consider what drew you to the photographer you booked. Is their style light and airy? Moody? Did you see outfits in certain images that you liked? Was is more casual? Did you like how everyone coordinated, but didn’t match perfectly? All of these questions are good to ask yourself before planning anything. Textures, colors and movement play a role in the overall image.

My photography style is light and clean, plus I shoot film, which needs a ton of light. So for my family photo sessions, I suggest wearing lighter, neutral colors to help enhance my photography style. The simplicity allows you to focus on faces, personalties and the emotions of the image.

2. Photographer’s Editing Style

Similar to the photographer’s overall photography style, most have a certain way they edit and what you wear for family photos will effect that.

I strip yellows from my photos and lift the shadows quite a bit while editing. What does this mean? Well, wearing dark or warmer toned colors makes it’s harder for me to achieve my true editing style without it effecting how your clothes look in the photo. In turn, the final images might not turn out exactly like you’d hoped for.

3. Yeah, But So What Do We Wear for Family Photos?

Ok, so now that you have considered your photographer’s style preferences, let’s talk about what looks good on camera and what to wear for family photos.

  • Texture and clothes that move are the camera’s best friend. (think linen, silk, knit, flowy)
    • Examples include: denim, wide leg pants with a fitted top, chunky sweaters, two piece sets, jumpsuits or a flowy dress.
  • Opt for smaller prints rather than larger prints. 
  • Less formal looks lend themselves to more comfort + more authenticity for everyone to move, snuggle, run, and be themselves.
  • Choose a color scheme that coordinates and includes a mix of neutrals, a light pattern and something that adds texture or movement.  
Show Examples of What to Wear for Family Photos

4. What You Shouldn’t Wear for Family Photos

Sometimes, it’s easier to suggest what to not wear for family photos.

  • Anything with words or logos. 
  • Anything neon. 
  • Polo shirts or mens button down shirts (too stiff). 
  • Too many accessories – less is more here.
  • Exact matching outfits or colors. 
  • Bargain priced clothing. (the materials used often create a moiré pattern, which produces strange-looking wavy patterns on your clothes)
  • The “safe” option.
    • Don’t do boring for photos just because you’re scared to “make a mistake.” You are not boring, so don’t let your outfit be. Express yourself! 
  • Something that’s not “you”. 
Shows Examples of What to Wear for Family Photos

5. Plan Ahead & Ask Your Photographer for Advice

Notice the images in this post all compliment my shooting and editing style. They followed the suggestion I made for what to wear for family photos. The results…clean, light and focused on the family connection.

After you book family photos with me, I send you a Session + Style Guide to get you started. I also welcome text messages with photos or links to help you plan. It’s part of my services once you book. I always suggest to start with mom. Have her find something she feels absolutely 100% confident and fabulous in first; then work everyone’s outfits around that.

Plan ahead and make sure everyone involved is thrilled about what he or she is going to wear for family photos. It’s the only way you’ll keep loving your photos year in and year out! 

Let’s Start Planning Your Family Photo Session

Pregnant and expecting?! Is your child growing quickly and you want to freeze this phase?! Or maybe you want updated family photos, but think you have to wait until next fall (you don’t!). Contact me and let’s start planning today. I’ll help you plan what to wear for family photos! 😉

In the meantime, check out more of my family photography work.

Meredith Green Photography specializes in maternity, newborn and family photography. I’m based in Fort Worth, TX and serve the DFW metroplex. My work captures the joy of family and the details you won’t want to forget…their little toes, those curls, that look, the snuggles! I’ve been working with families just like your for over nine years. I’m here to make your session easy and your experience memorable! I look forward to hearing from you!

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