Joyous Family Session in Fort Worth – Shot on Film


Do you know what the camera loves? Movement, laughter, joy, affection, tenderness and embracing the moment. As parents, I know it’s easy to think, “Why can’t my kid just sit still and smile?” However, the truth is, that’s not what I want your kid (or you) to do. I want them to move, to laugh and be silly. Please let them be young and carefree. I want parents to embrace their hugs, swing them high, laugh uninhibited and gently tend to them if they fall or are shy. Feel free to move, run, skip, jump and dance right along with them. Don’t fight it. Welcome it! It may feel silly, but it looks great.

Do you know why? Because that’s where I get the real you, the real them. It’s not forced. It’s not unnatural. It’s joyous and messy, but it’s real. It’s the moments that you can feel and the memories that will live on.⁣⁣⁣

As you can see, this session was full of it all and it was beautiful!

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