Family Maternity Sessions – Fort Worth


Family maternity sessions are truly special. As a photographer, I have a vantage point to see how unique this time is. Your baby is still the baby, but about to become a big sister or brother.

The parents are excited about the new member’s arrival. However, the majority of the focus is still on the children right there, so the siblings get to shine bright at a maternity session. 

Capturing Fleeting Moments

Fast forward a few years. The baby you were expecting is here and now they are a toddler. Wow…that went fast! Luckily, you can show them photos from the maternity session so they can see the anticipation of their arrival.

My daughter loves seeing the photos of when I was pregnant with her. My son was only twenty months old then. He loves telling her she was in my tummy and above all, he loves looking at the pictures of himself!

Now that my daughter is three, it’s hard to remember life without her. However, it’s special to look back at that time when Connor was a chunky cheeked toddler, about to become a big brother.

Successful Newborn Sessions

If I’m shooting your newborn session, I will most likely encourage you to have a maternity session as well. I like having this initial interaction with a family and most importantly, the siblings. The newborn phase is a delicate time. The thought of bringing a new person into your home may feel overwhelming. However, since I’ve already photographed your family, the rapport and familiarity are established, which is an added bonus!

Book Your Family Maternity Sessions

Be sure to check out maternity sessions here. If you’re expecting, I’d love to schedule a maternity session consultation to discuss a session designed for your family to capture this special time. In the meantime, check out my favorites from this beautiful family maternity session. See this baby’s Fort Worth in-home newborn session here.

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