Posing for maternity photos a pregnant woman in a white dress sitting in a field

Posing for Maternity Photos


Without a doubt, pregnancy is a very special and fleeting time in your life. It may not seem like it right now, but soon your baby will be in your arms and pregnancy will seem like forever ago. Posing for maternity photos is an ideal way to celebrate your pregnancy and journey into motherhood.

Here are a few pro tips to help you look and feel your best for your maternity session.

When is the best time to pose for maternity photos?

Traditionally maternity sessions are taken around the 30th week of pregnancy when the expectant mother is showing beautifully, but not too uncomfortable.

It’s best to book your maternity session and start planning around 20 weeks.

Family Maternity Photoshoot

How do you prepare for a maternity photoshoot?

  1. Book your session ahead of time so there is time to plan. Meredith loves planning a unique session that suits your personality.
  2. Plan your (and your families) outfits in advance so you can feel relaxed and confident heading into the session.
  3. Get pampered – now is the perfect time to schedule professional hair and makeup services and to get your nails done.
posing for maternity photos woman in pink dress holding her belly

What to wear for a maternity photoshoot?

Coming up with the right look when posing for maternity photos can feel stressful. Here are some pro tips to make you look your best during your photoshoot:

  • Flowy maxi dresses create movement in photos and are comfortable and very flattering on camera.
  • Solid colors photograph well and keep the focus on you and your bump.
  • Ask your photographer for recommendations of shops that offer the best maternity photoshoot gowns.

Many professional photographers, like Meredith, offer maternity gowns for their clients and styling guides for the family.

They can also recommend professional hair and makeup services to help you feel your best when posing for maternity photos.

Pregnant women wearing a white dress with daughter posing for maternity photos

How to choose the right location

Outdoor settings are a great option for maternity photos. Depending on your personal style, your photographer should offer a variety of location ideas to suit you.

If the outdoor temperatures are a concern or you prefer something more intimate, studio sessions are a great option as well.

Maternity Photoshoot with husband

Posing for maternity photos – Capturing this special time

Posing for maternity photos is so special because the photographer will focus on capturing your personality and the bond you have with your baby.

You will be able to show your child the anticipation and love you had for them before you were even able to hold them.

Maternity sessions with siblings are great to celebrate your family before the newest addition arrives and to showcase a big brother or sister’s personality and being the star of the show.

DFW Maternity Photographer – Meredith Green

Meredith’s experience capturing a variety of maternity sessions and families provide her with professional knowledge and the ability to genuinely connect with you to create amazing maternity photos that will last a lifetime.

For more information and to schedule a free consultation with Meredith click here.

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