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A newborn lifestyle session is a great way to capture your baby’s first weeks in life and their tiny features. Here are my top three reasons I love newborn lifestyle sessions.

1. Comfort

An in-home, newborn lifestyle session offers a relaxed vibe. As a parent of a newborn baby, chances are your sleep schedule has changed. You may have a hard time remembering a lot while your focus is primarily on your newborn. An in-home, newborn session eliminates the pressure to remember a checklist of supplies to bring with you. You can relax and know the supplies are nearby. Plus, these sessions don’t require your entire home to be cleaned. All I need is one or two tidy areas to shoot in to get great images that capture this precious time.

Newborn Lifestyle Session by Meredith Green Photography DFW

2. The Nursery

You spent time and effort getting all the details just right for your baby’s. nursery. Now is the time to show it off and see your vision brought to life. Photos of your baby lying in a room you decorated for them are so special look back on over the years. Plus, the nursery will never be this clutter free and untouched as it is in their first weeks home. 🙂

Newborn Lifestyle Session in nursery

3. The Moments captured during a Newborn Lifestyle Session

There are so many special moments to capture with a new baby. Moments like snuggling in the rocking chair, feeding them or their siblings stealing the show. The images at a newborn lifestyle session will freeze these moments that after a month or two may seem like distant memories. My favorite images from these sessions are the moments that just happen between a family in their home. Of course, I’m always here to guide you to make those connections, but the only thing certain at a newborn lifestyle session is that it’s such a fleeting time that needs to be documented.

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