Dressing for a Maternity Session


Being pregnant is a special time. However, those nine months can seem long when you are the one caring for and carrying a life. Each pregnancy is so different. Some women feel like the most beautiful version of themselves, while others look forward to delivery day. I’ll admit, I was the later. Looking back now, I regret not taking maternity photos. It was such a quick instance in my life and a momentous time is gone. I have a few cell phone photos of my baby bump, but I never scheduled a maternity session to really capture the beauty of carrying my children.

The #1 Reason Clients Don’t Schedule A Maternity Session

A maternity session is such a great way to show your child the excitement you had for their arrival. However, one of the things I hear continuously from clients is that dressing for maternity sessions is challenging, so they don’t book a session. Also, they say that it seems silly to spend money on a nice gown they might only wear once. Plus, sizing during pregnancy can be hard to figure out, and ordering multiple items, and returning the extras can be time-consuming.

I heard my client’s complaints and decided to start offering a solution. Now clients have access to a variety of maternity dresses for use during their photo session. I have a variety of colors, sizes, fabrics, and styles. The gowns were all deemed comfortable and easy to move in by moms in their third trimester. They fit and flatter a variety of skin tones and body shapes. Best of all, even the moms who were feeling (a little) over pregnancy couldn’t help but admire their beauty at their maternity session! Clients can now come to my office and try on gowns before their maternity session and choose one to wear. These moms loved this option and it started the photoshoot experience off on a positive note!

Thanks to all these moms who modeled the gowns during these maternity sessions. I have several more dresses I’m excited to show you soon. Contact me today to schedule your maternity shoot!

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