Sizzling Summer Fun – Exciting Ideas for Mom and Family


It’s summertime, the kids are home, the days are longer, the siblings are fighting and it’s only one week in. Here are a few summer family fun ideas, plus a couple for you, mom! 🙂

Try these recommendations from Meredith and Paige.

Summer Family Fun Outing:

Meredith: Texas Rangers Game + Run the Bases After the Game

We’re a sports family, so getting a game plus an experience is even better. On Sundays, kids can run the bases after the Texas Rangers baseball game. We’ve done this two years in a row and the kids really enjoy it. Plus, Sundays are also often $1 ice cream days.

Tip: There is some waiting in line after the game and walking involved to get down to the field and after, so be prepared with an extra snack and water. Line up after the game at section 125. 

Bonus Tip: We bought last minute tickets the night before the game this year and they were majorly marked down. 

summer family fun ideas

Paige: Kidzania USA

KidZania is an interactive city made for children that combines inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play. Kids can independently explore a scaled city of over 7,000 square meters with more than 100 exciting careers that they can try.

We recently visited KidZania with our Girl Scout troop and everyone had a blast! To start out, each kid is given KidZania currency and can spend it however they wish. Some of the activities, like tending to babies in the NICU, protecting the peace with the police squad, or fighting fires with the fire department allow kids to earn money too!

While KidZania is for kids and only kids are allowed to enter the activity rooms, parents can hang out on the city streets and watch the activities take place. At check-in, everyone is given security bracelets to ensure no kiddos leave the city without the parent they checked in with. This added feature helps provide peace of mind when your attention has to be split between multiple kiddos.

Tip: Wear close-toed shoes! Some of the activities or jobs require close-toed shoes to participate.

Bonus Tip: If you’re taking older kids and don’t mind them walking the city themselves and want a place to relax, or if you need to take a phone call during your visit – visit the adult-only quiet room on the second floor!

Watch, Listen, Read, Make & Do!

Since we all know that if you’re not in a body of water in Texas during the summer, you spend a lot of time indoors. Here are some of Meredith’s current favorites for watching, listening, reading and doing.

Family Ideas: (fyi – my kids are currently six and eight years old for reference)


  • Migration – I love a good family movie that gives me all the warm, fuzzy feelings, plus lots of a laughs!
  • Sonic the Hedgehog – I had low expectations, but it was better than I expected and Jim Carey played the evil villain well.

Best Audio Book for a Family Roadtrip:

  • My Side of the Mountain – We listened to this book together as a family on our drive to Missouri over Thanksgiving break and we all enjoyed it. It was really fun listening to an audio book as a family. Plus, it’s a series. We just finished the second book on our recent drive to Missouri and everyone liked book two as well!



  • Clue Jr. – In this kids’ version, it’s the case of “Who Broke the Toy…?!” Nostalgic and I’ve yet to beat my kids.


Repeat After Me…

  • My kids are at the age where I say this a lot, “I can’t wait to see what fun you create for yourself…” Sometimes it results in fighting, but often times in results in projects, games or an art piece they are super proud of! Giving my kids time to create their own fun and not providing it for them, has helped my son become a great lego builder and creator. I’m blown away by some of the cool art my daughter designs with colorful tapes. Recently and together, they created a puppy day care with all their stuffed animal dogs, Barbie dogs and of course, our dog! They had a blast and came up with it all on their own 🙂

Adult Ideas:

Mom’s Night Out:

  • Lot 12 – I recently attended a mom’s happy hour at Lot 12 and was impressed by the rooftop bar. There is a lot of seating inside and out. They also offer brunch! Check out their calendar because on some evenings they have fun bonuses like karaoke or music bingo with a DJ. I imagine the summer will be less crowded with college aged kids also.

Movies that you can watch with your spouse:

  • Civil War – I’m probably drawn to this movie since plot centers around a war photographer, but I found the storyline interesting as well and a unique roll for Kirsten Dunst!
  • The Fall Guy – A more lighthearted, fun watch for the summer.


  • The Women – I was like, “Really…another Kristin Hannah book about women in a historical time period?” Well, I’m glad that didn’t stop me from reading it. She wrote about this time in history beautifully and I learned a lot as well on the Vietnam War.


Iced Coffee Drink:

Summer, Family Photo Session

I hope this gives you some summer family fun ideas! Plus, I still offer family sessions during the summer. The studio or at home is great during the summer to stay cool. Or if you have an idea for a fun summer session – think sprinklers, popsicles, chalk and any nostalgic summer fun, let me know. Sessions are meant to be fun and capture the memories you don’t want to forget!

Contact me and let’s start planning today. In the meantime, check out more of my family photography work.

summer family fun ideas

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