Shot on Film – Fall/Winter 2023


From hot fall weather to icy winters – here’s a little bit of everything.

The first series of the kids playing in the water are from when we all had Covid. As you can see, the kids felt fine. And while I took the photos of them, I felt fine too. Photography is its own medicine.

After going through these images, I realized there isn’t any of my family’s actual fall season in here. I guess I was so busy with my business this fall, that I didn’t take any photos on film of our everyday adventures. Looking back now though, I’m bummed I let laziness and my burnt-outness get in the way. Note to self – don’t do that.

However, in January, I picked my camera back up on a 60 degree day. I shot a roll as the kids, Roux and I walked around the neighborhood. The kids are into me taking pictures of them climbing trees and there are no complaints. A win for everyone!

I also joined The Artist Collab in January as a way to hold myself accountable for creating. I practiced double exposures (a lot). I also had one accidental light leak that worked in my favor! Plus, I created an image based on a prompt from a TS Elliott poem. This was something way out of my comfort zone, but the group is so supportive and creative. I have been inspired by the creations from this group!

The final image set comes from the all too common North Texas, ice February. We were iced in for 5 days. Four of those days were nothing but grey and dreary. But once the sun came out, I stepped outside to capture the icy beauty. By the next week, we were back to warmer days. Connor and Parker turned seven and five in February, so I captured their personalities as they played in the back yard. I let them tell me what they wanted for a few of their photos.

The last image is a self portrait I took after I finished reading “The War of Art.” The book was an creative awakening to recommit to my work for myself. Here, I was writing and reflecting and coming up with a game plan after making the decision to transition to all film photography for my business. However, after months of feeling scared and nervous and all the “what ifs,” I didn’t feel uncertain about it anymore. In fact, I knew it was exactly what I had to do. The book removed that last barrier that was keeping me from walking down a path I never saw coming, but presented itself.

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Shot on a Canon EOS 3 35mm Camera with Kodak Porta 400.

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