Family Session at Home in Fort Worth – Shot on Film


In May, I held a model call for family sessions on film and this mom replied with pictures of her house showcasing all the natural light. Smart move, mom! Since then, this mom has earned top marking in my book. She took time to write thoughtful statements about each kid on my pre-session questionnaire and the things she wanted to remember about their family at this stage. The questionnaire gives me a lot of insight walking into a session and a good feel for you family’s vibe before the session if we’ve never met. I could tell how sentimental she was for the phase they were at and where they were about to go as her son gets closer to middle school.

These parents also really gave me room to do my thing creatively. They stayed positive with their kids and let me work with them to get shots I had in mind. Plus, I tried several of the ideas the kids had. Teamwork! We had fun and I think the images really captured their love for one another.

A few extra bonuses; once I sent the gallery, the mom replied immediately with praise for capturing their family perfectly. Plus, she ordered an album, shared my posts on social media and wrote a Google Review. Dream client for sure!

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