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Shooting my own kids is fun, yet challenging. I love documenting the everyday things we do. I know these are the images I (and hopefully they) will be drawn to remembering as they get older.

When I shoot digitally, I can click away. This allows my kids to keep moving, without much direction from me and they usually don’t get too bothered by the camera. But documenting my kids on film has added an interesting layer to the challenge. I’m doing my best to only take or two shots of the scene I want to capture, so I don’t blow through a roll of film too quickly. Having these constraints makes me slow down, which is good. But…it also has me asking the kids to slow down and take more direction from me so I get the shot I want the first time.

Overall, I’d say we’ve made it work. Plus, when they get to go wild with paint, they’re game for following directions! 🙂

Shot on a Canon EOS Rebel GII 35mm Camera with Porta 400 Film

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