Shot on Film – Weekend Trip to Port Aransas

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The beach. The ocean. It’s my favorite combination. I am better version of myself at the beach. So needless to say, I was excited to pack my (film) camera bag when we headed to Port Aransas over Labor Day weekend.

At this point, I had only shot two rolls of film and was learning so much on the go. I spent a majority of the car ride to the beach reading about film. I brought two rolls of Porta 400 film with me and shot through them quickly, so I stopped by Walgreens for a roll of Fuji Superia 400. Someone may have been a little excited about shooting her favorite place on film! 🙂

Even though I had no idea if the images would turn out, I’m so glad I left my digital camera at home and solely documented the trip on film! On the last evening, I finally snapped two photo on my iPhone just in case nothing turned out. But they did! And I love how the images have a nice vintage feel that paired well with the place we stayed at.

The Texas Beach Life…

One day, I spent an hour walking along the beach taking photos of various scene in black and white on lford 400 film. Texas beaches are a different kind of beach experience. Golf carts with political flags waving proudly are everywhere, tents and trailers camped out all weekend in the same spot. There is always a musical mash up of country, rock, rap and Tejano music playing. Soccer games, sandcastles, seagulls, picnics, frisbee throwing, dogs chasing after balls, boogie boards, people strolling along the beach, snow cone trucks, kites flying and kids screams of glee. I tried to capture the sounds and feels on film.

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