DFW Light and Airy Photographer


I love being a DFW, light and airy photographer. You can feel the joy when looking at light and airy images! The best tip for families wanting to achieve this look look in your photos is to dress light and airy! The colors you wear affect how your images look. As a DFW, light and airy photographer, here are a few reasons I suggest wearing neutral colors at your session.

  1. It makes editing your images easier. When there are a variety of colors in the photos, plus the sun and outdoor scenery, color casts are reflected and picked up easily by digital cameras.
  2. It’s easier to balance the overall color tone of the image in post processing. Sure, there is a lot that can be altered during editing, but the colors you wear will affect the overall tone of the images.
  3. Neutral colors are less distracting and allow you to focus directly on the subjects’ features. Your eyes go straight to smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses and looks of love, instead of darting around, trying to find something to land on.
  4. Less time editing means your images can be turned around timely. Plus, your DFW, light and airy photographer will notice you followed their professional expertise and thank you! 🙂

This is why I specifically offer a client wardrobe closet with dresses for maternity sessions, moms and kids. It’s full of clothes that photograph light and airy. Plus, it takes the work of figuring out what to wear to your session.

Check out my favorites from this light and airy and full of LOVE session!

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