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DFW Lifestyle Newborn Session

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I was scheduled to shoot this birth, but plans changed. Due to the coronavirus and hospital restrictions, I was sidelined. I understood, but was bummed since I was excited about capturing more births in 2020. Luckily, this dad knows how to work a camera a did a great job capturing her arrival. Since shooting the birth didn’t happen, I was extra excited about Ava’s lifestyle newborn session and to hear about her entrance into the world.

Mother holds baby girl during newborn session

Her big sister wasted no time finding my session surprises in my camera bag and worked us all over for “more!” the entire time.

Newborn session with the whole family

This mom did such a beautiful job designing the nursery and their house. You should see the tile floor in their guest bathroom she showed me that she laid down at the end of her pregnancy. Nesting for the win! Congrats to this family of four!

Newborn Session with parents and little sister in nursery

To schedule your newborn session, please fill out my contact form here. Read more about a lifestyle newborn session here! See another session with the Bruch family here.

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