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So you’re thinking or curious about a Disney cruise. There are so many blogs you can read for all the tips and tricks on all things Disney (and probably should before going), but I’m just going to share a few thoughts on some of the pros and cons from the trip.

For reference, my family went on a four night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral on the Disney Wish.

1. The shows and performers are INCREDIBLE! At every show, I kept thinking, we are on a moving ship and the stunts, acting, singing, props and performances are insane. It was truly something else!

2. Nighttime options for family entertainment had a lot to choose from. At resorts, choices are often limited as what to do once the sun goes down and the pools close, but the ship had several options for kids of all ages and adults to do.

3. Their cleanliness and service was fantastic! Someone was always cleaning something and the staff was so helpful, friendly, and went above and beyond. We had the same waitstaff every dinner and our waitress made origami animals with my kids each evening. They were all about little touches.

4. Dinners were very entertaining, but a tad too long. We had an 8:15 pm dinner slot time (that unfortunately, we couldn’t get changed and felt like we paid for, so we wanted to get our money’s worth). My kids adjusted and did well overall, but sometimes dinner wouldn’t end until 10:30. Kids aside, even I don’t want to be eating dinner that late.

5. The kids club was fun and entertaining and my kids enjoyed going! Plus, it was so nice that you didn’t have to make reservations, but could come and go with dropping them off as you wanted. A huge perk!

6. Character lines were longer than I expected. Maybe this is standard, but I didn’t want to spend too much of my vacation in line waiting for a 10 second photo op with Mickey. I was also hoping they’d have more Star Wars and Disney Princess photo opportunities, but it seems like Mickey, Minnie and their gang are still the main focus.

7. Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) is a nice option for a tropical beach for families. You won’t have locals trying to get you to buy their stuff, but it’s also Disney’s way of getting you off the ship to spend more money with Disney. Again, it’s a great beach for families and we had a fun time, but it still has a bit more of a touristy feel than I personally care for.

8. Food – Not the worst, but not the best. Good meal options during the day, but several places are closed by 2:00pm. Because of our late dinner, we ate a late breakfast, and then I wanted lighter, healthier snacking options to hold me over until dinner; past 2pm, this was hard to find though.

9. Crowds. This is just part of it, but I’m realizing more and more that dealing with lots of people on vacation isn’t my favorite way to spend my time away. And there were a lot of people to deal with.

10. Seasickness – I get motion sick pretty easily, but I guess I thought the ship would be big enough that it wouldn’t matter. Not the case. Meds did help some, but I have even struggled since we got off the ship with feeling queasy and off balance. My son also threw up the first night from the motion, but meds really made a difference for him luckily and he was fine after night one.

I don’t think we’ll be signing up for another cruise anytime soon, but if you are thinking of a cruise, I believe Disney is the top notch choice for families. It would also be a great trip to take with a few other families or as an extended family trip.

Also, a big thank you to Lauren with Wish Upon a Vacay for helping us plan this adventure! She’s a Disney agent, so there isn’t any fee to use her. She was so helpful and answered my never ending questions. Plus, she knows a few tricks when booking and added some personal touches to our trip that made us feel special. Thanks, Lauren!

The other night, my kids were talking on the phone to my mom, telling her about our vacation. It was really sweet to hear them retell the highlights from their point of view! We had fun and the time away was so nice. Plus, I love making memories as a family on vacation, because traveling together really is an adventure.

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